You know what’s great? When people don’t read your Nickname Wars analysis you spent way too much time on…at least with regards to the graphics. Help me out here a bit people. I’m starving for attention. Granted I’ve only seriously been at this for just over a week, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see results. I’m like a wounded baby quail. You wouldn’t want a wounded baby quail to be eaten by a cat would you? Well you know how I feel. I’m going to admit, I’m going to enjoy not having another string of Nickname Wars like this for a long time.

Kentucky vs West Virginia

#1 Wildcats (Kentucky) vs #5 Mountaineers (West Virginia)

The wildcat win cause the mountaineer will get too cocky…

Winner: Wildcats (Kentucky)

Notre Dame vs Kansas

#3 Fighting Irish (Notre Dame) vs #7 Shockers (Wichita State)

…the shocker wins cause the fighting Irish does not have enough gold in its pot to pay off the shocker. Hey, if Alabama can’t do it, so won’t Notre Dame…

Winner: Shockers (Wichita State)

Wisconsin vs North Carolina

#1 Badgers (Wisconsin) vs #4 Tar Heels (North Carolina)

…the tar heel wins because the badger beat the duck in the last round. Yeah, I have a grudge, so what…

Winner: Tar Heels (North Carolina)

Arizona vs Xavier

#2 Wildcats (Arizona) vs #6 Musketeers (Xavier)

…and finally the wildcats defeat the musketeers because #backthepac. Yeah, I just did all of these with one sentence. I can do that. I’m that badass.

Winner: Wildcats (Arizona)