Way to go guys. Even though the second round of the N.I.T. started on Friday, you thought you’d pull a classic move and wait until Monday to play your games. I understand the value of the weekend but come tournament time, I think that gets thrown out the window. Are you telling me you didn’t play on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday once this regular season? I doubt it.

Texas A&M vs Louisiana Tech

#2 Aggies (Texas A&M) vs #3 Bulldogs (Louisiana Tech)

In the battle of two teams who clearly liked the same font when it comes to a capital T, I have to give it to the bulldog. Granted, the grizzly is far superior in the size, strength, and attack departments, but what the bulldog has is the reputation of man’s best friend. I see the bulldog lulling the aggie into a false sense of security until it gets close enough to go right for the neck and win.

Winner: Bulldogs (Louisiana Tech)

Old Dominion vs Illinois State

#1 Monarchs (Old Dominion) vs #4 Redbirds (Illinois State)

Don’t know how the redbird got by the phoenix. Maybe the sight of the color red made the phoenix think that it was the one on fire because fire isn’t the color green. I don’t see the redbird being a trouble for the monarch though. One attempt at an attack by the redbird and it’s lights out. It is a battle between a lion versus a common bird after all.

Winner: Monarchs (Old Dominion)

Tulsa vs Murray State

#2 Golden Hurricanes (Tulsa) vs #3 Racers (Murray State)

I don’t care if this racer is a descendent from Seattle Slew himself. There is no way out in the middle of Oklahoma a horse is going to be able to outrun a hurricane throwing gold bricks around. The fact that the battle is taking place in an arena┬ámakes this a walk in the park for the golden hurricane. Basically the racer is just trapped in the arena just waiting for the golden hurricane to attack and when it does, there will be no place to run and hide for the racer.

Winner: Golden Hurricanes (Tulsa)