Even though the second round of the N.I.T. started on Friday, these teams thought they’d take an extended break and wait until Sunday to play their game. Better late than never I guess.

Temple vs George Washington

#1 Owls (Temple) vs #5 Colonials (George Washington)

The owl was able to outsmart the bison in the first round but won’t have the same luck. A colonial has a bit more intelligence than a bison and a bit more weaponry at his disposal since he has opposable thumbs. I predict the colonial will be able to make a makeshift weapon using materials within the arena to defend itself from the talons of the owl and eventually strike it down.

Winner: Colonials (George Washington)

Richmond vs Arizona State

#1 Spiders (Richmond) vs #5 Sun Devils (Arizona State)

…That must’ve been a black widow spider that took on St. Francis. No matter the kind of spider though against the sun devil. It is a devil. I’m pretty sure it’s immune to poison and every other evil thing a spider could inject into something.

Winner: Sun Devils (Arizona)

Stanford vs Rhode Island

#2 Cardinals (Stanford) vs #3 Rams (Rhode Island)

So…apparently the Stanford v. UC Davis matchup was so boring that Spor Repor flat out forgot about it. We made a graphic and everything but Stanford simply bored us to sleep with their book smarts before we inputed anything. Anyways, a cardinal does not have that much of a chance against a ram even if it has to travel cross country for the battle. I’m talking both the bird kind and apparent tree kind of a cardinal.

Winner: Rams (Rhode Island)