Nickname Wars March Madness: NIT Quarterfinals (Day 2)

I’ll admit, you are wearing on me N.I.T. At least with the NCAA Tournament I have a three-day break in between the round of thirty two and sweet sixteen. You know how exhausting it is writing all of these battle analyses only to have the real world ruin your plans? Very!

Old Dominion vs Murray State

#1 Monarchs (Old Dominion) vs #3 Racers (Murray State)

Give it up to the racer. They managed to outrun a golden hurricane. Impressive! If the racer can do that than surely it can run circles around the monarch. However, speed doesn’t automatically win a battle in Nickname Wars. Since the racer will have to eventually confront the monarch head on, it’s sheer lack of close-quarters attack ability will lead to its eventual downfall at the hands of this fierce lion.

Winner: Monarchs (Old Dominion)

Temple vs Louisiana Tech

#1 Owls (Temple) vs #3 Bulldogs (Louisiana Tech)

In the battle of two somewhat small and somewhat pudgy animals, I see the bulldog coming out of this one as the victor. The owl has the obvious advantage of flight, I’ll give it that. But in the same case as the previous battle today, the bulldog’s close-range combat advantage over the owl will lead to its win. An owl’s wisdom can’t win them all of it.

Winner: Bulldogs (Louisiana Tech)