I’ll admit, you are wearing on me N.I.T. At least with the NCAA Tournament I have a three-day break in between the round of thirty two and sweet sixteen. You know how exhausting it is writing all of these battle analyses only to have the real world ruin your plans? Very!

Richmond vs Miami

#1 Spiders (Richmond) vs #2 Hurricanes (Miami)

Take the Richmond Spiders for example. No matter much logic I put into it, this damn spider will not lose! I mean it’s just a spider. It’s not a mutant spider. It’s some sort of giant spider. It’s not a horde of spiders. Yet, it survives because the real world does not obey the Nickname Wars world. You know what Hurricanes, you know you’re going to win, but against these spiders anything is possible.

Winner: Hurricanes (Miami)

Stanford vs Vanderbilt

#2 Cardinals (Stanford) vs #5 Commodores (Vanderbilt)

Okay, apparently Stanford was a bit upset I ignored their first game and gave the Rams a major skull fracture because of it. Don’t expect the commodore to be tricked like the ram though. He might not be a lumberjack but I imagine the commodore can think of a way to chop this tree down.

Winner: Commodores (Vanderbilt)