Nickname Battle: Rose Bowl


Seminoles (Florida State) vs Ducks (Oregon)

I’m going to be blunt with you. I attend the University Oregon. I love my Ducks. However, I know that a Duck would absolutely get mauled by a Seminole, even if it was a newborn baby Seminole.

I understand the purpose of the nickname for the university as it represents the state of Oregon but at least Oregon State had enough hindsight to pick an animal with teeth that can cut down a tree. I mean, for the past few weeks and months I’ve been wondering if there is another mascot out there that Oregon can face off against in a Nickname Wars and come out as a victor. Last time I checked though, there is no current scenario where Oregon will face the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs or the Evergreen State Geoducks so they are tough out of luck.

Anyways, I’m actually at the Rose Bowl as I have a life outside of Spor Repor (luckily since this website is only a month old) so I’m going to go now and do some professional stuff as getting a job as a serious journalist is much more likely than making enough money off of this site to make a living…for now.

Winner: Seminoles (Florida State)


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