Nickname Battle: Poinsettia Bowl

Midshipmen (Navy) vs Aztecs (San Diego State)

Listen, can someone please explain to me what a Midshipmen is? I understand it has to do with something regarding the Navy and therefore someone on a boat but where does that ram come into play? [One-minute Google search later…] Okay, never mind, I know what a Midshipmen is now, we can move along.

Okay so in the Poinsettia Bowl, otherwise known as the Holiday Bowl’s child out of wedlock that is sent a check around Christmas time to acknowledge their existence once a year but no more, pits two fighters from different eras by means of the mighty Aztec warrior and the strong Midshipmen soldier (I think that’s what they are). One is very primitive and handy with something like a spear or a crude knife weapon whereas a Midshipmen doesn’t actually have any weapons on them but give them a boat with big guns on it and they can level a small seaside village with a few button pushes.

The real turning point though comes when you examine each individual’s body. While the Midshipmen is less adapt to battle in hand-to-hand combat with a jungle resident like the Aztec, the Midshipmen has the advantage of bacteria immunities of which the Aztec does not. One sneeze from the Midshipmen onto the body of the Aztec and BAM, you got yourself a repeat of what made the Aztec, Mayan, and Incan populations die out in the first place when they were greeted by a bunch of Spaniards. Due to the Midshipmen’s modern-day tactical knowledge of war, they’ll be able to wait it out long enough for the Aztec to become ill when they’re able to just walk right up to them and finish them off without a sweat. Take that Pleger.

Winner: Midshipmen (Navy)


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