Falcons (Air Force) vs Broncos (Western Michigan)

For those who are going to be put-off about what I’m about to do, go read the Stache’s Spreads article for this game as I roughly have the same thoughts as myself when it comes to this particular bowl game. It’s past 2AM the night prior to the publishing of this article. I just watched The Colbert Report finale a few hours ago and my mind is still consumed by that which is Mr. Colbert and his show. Anyways, now that I’ve filled up that text which is apart of the front page thumbnail article, here it goes.

…Air Force wins because AMERICA, F*CK YEAH (FYI, I have a ticket for The Interview and am now going to hold onto it like 40-year-old white guys hold onto baseball cards from their childhood thinking it’s worth all the wonderful treasures in the world. On and Team America: World Police was the first ever R-rated movie I watched because my dad took me to it thinking it would be like The Thunderbirds.

Winner: Falcons (Air Force)