Thundering Herd (Marshall) vs Huskies (Northern Illinois)

For those of you who don’t know, I happen to have a close tie with the University of Oregon in that I have paid them thousands of dollars a couple times a year the past few years to teach me stuff so I can put a piece of paper up on my wall. Because of this, I’m not too much of a fan of the University of Washington and their Huskies so hopefully that won’t rub off on these Huskies of Northern Illinois.

Okay so Marshall wins. Crap, that was too quick. I need to actually give you a sizable chunk of writing in order for you to think I thought about this extensively so after awhile your views will start giving me money. I’m sorry, I guess it’s harder for me to be unbiased than I thought.

So, here we go for real. Huskies are obviously outmatched by size and numbers when it comes to a herd of presumably buffalo so they’ll need to think quick in order to pull an upset. To take out the Thundering Herd’s main attack of charging on the ground, the Huskies will need to somehow attack them from above. However, for all of us who’ve seen The Lion King as a child a hundred times like I have, we all know a Thundering Herd could kill a lion if it attacks them from above so what chance does a husky have. Thundering Herd wins in thundering fashion.

Winner: Thundering Herd (Marshall)