A Seattle area feminist has blast the National Football League for not selecting a single woman in the first round of this years NFL Draft. 

Sunshine Lovelace of Ballard, a predominant feminism activist in Seattle, took to social media shortly after the first round of the NFL Draft to voice her frustrations against the league. Lovelace believes that by not drafting a woman, once again, in the first round of the NFL Draft, the league is perpetuating a gender bias narrative. 

“The NFL Draft has once again proven there is an archaic gender hierarchy in professional football,” stated Lovelace on her widely followed Tumblr page. “The lack of diversity in the selections for this years draft proves the league and its owners have a long way to go before it puts men and women on a equal playing field.”

Lovelace, who has been outspoken in the past toward the NBA, NHL and MLB for not selecting women in their league drafts, stated the National Football League had plenty of talented female football players to choose from that had first round talent.

“Kacy Bleu. One of the best kickers in the history of NCAA Division 4 football. Why wasn’t she selected by a team in the first round, like the Seahawks. Did the Seahawks trade out of the first round in order to avoid having to select Bleu? Was Paul Allen pressured by other owners to conform to the league’s bias? Are the NFL owners so thin-skinned that allowing just one woman to be selected in the NFL Draft would crush their manhood. Shame!”

Lovelace went on to further state that if no women are selected in this year’s NFL Draft that she will file a federal lawsuit against the league for gender discrimination.

“These red pill swallowers shant push this opaque gender discrimination on the American people any further. Either they diversify their league or I’ll take action to force them to.”