Earlier this month, pro golfer Rory McIlroy ruptured a ligament in his left ankle while playing a game of pick up soccer and will subsequently miss this years British Open. This non-golf related injury has led many to ask McIlroy WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING MAN!

McIlroy’s tale has sent shivers down every fans spine when it comes their favorite team’s star athlete participating in any sort of sport outside of their own in the off-season. Remember when Tom Brady cliff dived shortly after winning the Super Bowl earlier this year? Myself and Pats Nation had a collective sigh of relief after watching that minute-long roller coaster of emotions.

Well, if you are a Miami Dolphins fan, I suggest you reach for a paper bag right now because your new defensive lineman that just signed a $114 million dollar contract is about to give you a panic attack. Ndamukong Suh, regarded by many as the best defensive lineman in the NFL presently, thought it would be nice to swap out his cleats for some Air Jordans and play some pr0-am basketball this summer.

Suh will be competing this summer as part of the Portland Pro-Am Basketball League. Suh, a native of Portland, will be competing against basketball players who either saw little playing time at major colleges or competed for smaller schools. Major names competing in the Portland Pro-Am besides Suh include fellow Portland natives and current NBA players Terrence Jones and Terrence Ross.

Suh already has one game under his belt playing for Team Green alongside former UNLV and Oregon forward Mike Moser and former Oregon State forward Joe Burton. In 36 minutes of Miami Dolphin fan heart attack inducing time on the court in his first game, Suh scored 10 points while shooting 5-9 from the floor. The 305-pound forward also brought down 7 rebounds and had 1 block in the game. We would show you footage of the block but the family of the deceased has yet to be informed that their loved one was turned into a human pancake.

The next scheduled game for Suh’s team is this Saturday against Terrence Ross’s team at 6PM PST so in case you are a Dolphins fan and have a strange premonition right around that time, you know what it is now. Just take solace in the fact that Suh is not on the cover of Madden or otherwise the probability of something happening to him would greatly increase.