NBA Player Luke Ridnour Traded 3 Times In 24 Hours

Sorry for the blurry iPhone pic but it is one of the few photos of me pre-mustache. 

Listen…Luke Ridnour is one of Spor Repor’s homies. Not only is he a graduate of the University of Oregon, he is also one of the few players remaining in the NBA who played for the now zombified Seattle Supersonics. So, when I heard NBA teams are treating Ridnour like he is a mere pawn, I get a bit upset.

Ridnour played this last season on the Orlando Magic which was his fifth team in his 12-year career, including the Milwaukee Bucks at two different times. In the past 24 hours however, Ridnour has “played” for a total of four different NBA teams.

Yesterday, Ridnour was traded from Orlando to the Memphis Grizzlies for a 22-year old Latvian small forward named Jannis Timma.

Thursday morning, the former Vancouver Grizzlies (yeah, we still remember where you got your nickname from since when was the last time a grizzly ever appeared in western Tennessee) traded Ridnour to the Charlotte Hornets in exchange for Matt Barnes.

Later today, in the cruelest of trades imaginable, Ridnour was then traded from Charlotte to…the Oklahoma City…screw it, I can’t say it. Ridnour was moved to the Zombie Sonics in exchange for Jeremy Lamb.

Luckily for Ridnour he won’t have to suit up for that zombie team as reports state the Zombie Sonics intend to cut Ridnour before July 10th which is when his $2.75 million team option is guaranteed.

The shining light of all of this is the fact that this means the Zombie Sonics have gotten Luke Ridnour, Steven Adams, Mitch McGary, Alex Abrines, Szyzmon Szcewzyk (pretty sure his parents sneezed when filling out the birth certificate), and a future 2nd round pick for James Harden.

Yeah, I wonder who got the better end of that trade.


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