Nashville Venom – Better Know A Team

Team Name: Nashville Venom

Alter Ego: Nashville Everclear

League: Professional Indoor Football League (PIFL)

True Rivals: Honky-Tonks, Watering Holes, Dolly Parton

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Where Not To Stay When Visiting From Out Of Town: Southside Neighborhood Coalition, Cayce Homes, Fang (how fitting)

Home Venue: Nashville Municipal Auditorium – 9,000-ish

Nearest Bar To Pre-Game At: Swank’s Martini and Wine Bar – 0.2 miles

Best Player Name: Jordan Jolly (how else do you think he stays off Santa’s naughty list)

Worst Player Name: Jihad Morris (um…yeah, I’m not touching that with a ten-foot pole)

Chances In A Nickname War: Good unless they face their dreaded foe…a rock

Likelihood They Will Retweet This Story: They advertise their Google+ page on their website so…10%

Interesting Fact: As of less than two weeks ago, the Nashville Kats (the former Arena Football League team) trademark was officially abandoned by the AFL according to the USPTO. So…take the hint and rename your team. No offense to the Venom brand but come on, that Kat was so kool.


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