MLS’s MySpace Account Was Hacked For The Past Month And No One Noticed – Sportsverse

A hack carried out by a group of notorious online hackers over a month ago on Major League Soccer’s official MySpace account has reportedly just been discovered according to MySpace’s user. 

The user, who goes by the online pseudonym Tom, discovered that Major League Soccer’s account was hacked by the hacker group known as MyYours early Tuesday morning. Tom estimates the hackers have had control over MLS’s account for a little over a month given the account’s activity. 

“I didn’t think anyone would want to hack a MySpace account nowadays,” said Tom. “People would’ve noticed immediately when Major League Soccer’s account was hacked had it been carried out a decade ago. I guess now it takes a little over a month for someone to notice if a high-profiled account had been hacked.”

According to evidence provided by Tom, MyYours have done little to the account since hacking it just over a month ago. Screenshots provided to Spor Repor show that the group posted multiple articles regarding promotion and relegation on MLS’s feed, links to an e-mail address that claims to be managed by them, and changed their profile picture to read Major League Futbol. 

Tom states he discovered the hack when he received a message from someone who claimed they were apart of MyYours Monday night.

The message simply read, “We’re bored. It’s been a month. You can have it back. – MyYours” 

“I guess they were expecting a bit more bang for their buck,” said Tom. “Honestly, after a month on this site, I can’t blame them for getting bored and quitting.”

Major League Soccer has yet to comment on the reported hacking. The account, according to Tom, has been restored to the same condition it was in before the hacking. “Since MLS hadn’t posted anything on it in three years, it was quite an easy fix.”