While watching Tuesday night’s game between the Seattle Mariners and Minnesota Twins, twenty-four year old millennial Clark Davis died while attempting to sit through the entire game at this Beaverton home.

Officials at Providence Portland Medical Center state that Davis was discovered by his girlfriend late Tuesday night after arriving home from her job at Taco Bell. Davis was found lifeless on his living room couch with his body stiff as a bored. An ambulance was called shortly thereafter but when paramedics arrived at the scene, they said he was long gone.

“What ultimately caused Mr. Davis’s untimely death was this amount of pressure put on his body to sit through an entire baseball game from the comfort of his own house,” stated neurologist Dr. Heather Hastings.

Dr. Hastings stated that due to the millennial nervous system perceiving the act of watching baseball as a form of torture, Davis’s body ultimately locked down and went into shock to try and alleviate the perceived pain he was feeling. 

“From a neurological standpoint, watching a baseball game from the comfort of their home for millennials is a much different experience than watching one in person. When at a ballgame, the millennial nervous system ends up coming to terms with the fact that this is what they’ll be doing for the next three hours and copes with it. When they’re at home though, the system is put under constant immense stress to get up and do literally do anything else instead of watching the game. It cannot comprehend why the person watching the game would want to do that over anything else possible. This stress ultimately put Mr. Davis’s body into complete shock and caused his death.”

Davis’s girlfriend told paramedics at the scene the Davis had been trying to get back into watching baseball due to it becoming increasingly important for his job. “He used to love the game but fell out of it as soon as he started high school,” said his girlfriend according to one paramedic. “His body just couldn’t take it anymore. No matter how hard he tried, his body would just no longer put up with sitting down and watching a baseball game.”

Dr. Hastings states that nine out of every ten millennials are susceptible to Davis’s same neurological system. She urges every millennial to at least play on their smartphone or tablet periodically if they attempt to watch a baseball game at home.