Mike Leach Spotted Cliff Diving In The Nude In Jamaica

Washington States Cougars head football coach Mike Leach was spotted cliff diving without any clothes on in Jamaica yesterday according to eyewitness reports.

With Washington State’s spring football season in the wraps, Leach is currently away from the program in an effort to relax before summer workouts begin. Leach’s whereabouts were previously unknown until a number of eyewitness stated they saw the Cougars head coach on social media yesterday.

According to a variety of eyewitness reports, Leach was spotted in the western Jamaica town of Negril where he was spotted diving off of the cliffed coast completely nude. 

One eyewitness stated that while he didn’t get a good look at the man’s face, he does believe that when the man yelled “I am the pirate king” before plunging into the water it could only mean it was Leach. 

“He looked like a man who was both in shape and out of shape at the same time,” stated another eyewitness. “Only Mike Leach could pull off such a look.”

While numerous individuals stated they saw Leach, there is no photographic or video evidence of the sighting. “It’s one of those images that leaves you in such a shock that taking a picture to commemorate it never enters your train of thought,” stated one onlooker. 

Mike Leach has yet to confirm or deny reports regarding this alleged sighting.