Team Name: Michigan Warriors
Alter Egos: Flint Warriors, Flint’s Last Hope
League: North American Hockey League
True Rival: History (see answer below), Flint Firebirds, Their Drinking Water
Hometown: Flint, Michigan
Where Not To Stay When Visiting From Out Of Town: If you’re battling with depression, the entire city of Flint. If not, Flint is surprisingly safe so no real wrong area to stay.
Home Venue: Perani Arena and Event Center – 4,021
Nearest Bar To Pre-Game At: Firkin and Fox Bar & Grill – 0.4 miles
Best Player Name: Mitch Wedding
Worst Player Name: Ryan Sete (it’s either Seat or Set, not Sete)
Chances In A Nickname War: Good…that’s it
Likelihood They Will Retweet This Story: 1% (we kind of insulted their hometown)
Interesting Fact: Flint, Michigan is in fact not a ghost town