Merritt Paulson Pissed That MLS Fans Aren’t Treating Sebastian Blanco Like The Second Coming Of Beckham – Sportsverse

On the heels of the Vancouver Whitecaps signing Fredy Montero and the Seattle Sounders on the verge of signing Keisuke Honda, Portland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson is pissed that his team’s big splash this offseason, Sebastian Blanco, is being overshadowed by other players coming into the league.

Paulson took to Twitter Sunday morning to voice his frustrations regarding the lack of discussion around Blanco’s signing amongst the MLS community. 

Paulson stated that, “Blanco is the second coming of Beckham. $4m transfer fee. That’s a lot of pretzel dogs. He’s going to be bigly this season in Portland.”

Paulson went on to further say, “Montero is a Sounders reject. Honda is a Serie A reject. Blanco played in Argentina. All the best players come from Argentina. Is Valeri not Argentinian? I thought so.”

Known to speak his mind publicly, Paulson has been particularly active on social media since the Sounders were crowned MLS Cup champions. Paulson has repeatedly tried to belittle multiple MLS teams, calling their signings “fake players” and referred to Seattle’s cup win as “rigged.”

“Jonathan Mensah? Really? The guy is such an egotist he changed his name to show how smart he thinks he is. But can he play soccer? I doubt it #FakePlayer” said Paulson after Mensah signed with the Columbus Crew. 

When the Timbers finalized the signing of Blanco earlier this month, Paulson referred to the player as “the second coming of Beckham” and “the best Argentinian player to play in the league since Lucas Melano, Gaston Fernandez and Norberto Paparatto.”

When asked to comment on Merritt Paulson’s recent string of remarks, MLS commissioner Don Garber stated “that’s just Merritt being Merritt. You have to let him settle into his player signing. He doesn’t actually mean most of what he says. He hasn’t even had Blanco on the team for more than a hundred days. For all we know, Montero and Honda could bomb in the league and be the next Sebastian Giovinco. We should give Merritt and Blanco some time before we jumped to conclusions on if his comments are justified or not.”