Meet Mr. Canada: Spor Repor’s Canadian Ambassador

Two weekends ago, I took a trip up to Vancouver, BC for the weekend mainly so my parents could see I can actually leave my apartment. I had been to Vancouver twice prior with my first ever visit during the 2010 Winter Olympics. I have always enjoyed my visits to Canada eh and this trip was more of the same. With Donald Trump leading in the Republican polls, I had the added incentive of wondering how much a single-bedroom apartment goes for around Vancouver.

In order to show Spor Repor’s support for the great white north, we have decided to create an ambassador for Canada. Being a former People to People Student Ambassador myself, I felt I had what it took in order to craft the finest Canadian ambassador for Spor Repor. So, without further to do, I introduce to you Mr. Canada.

Mr Canada

Mr Canada depicts three of Canada’s finest treasures. His clothes are that of a Canadian mountie, his feet are shaped like the ends of hockey sticks, and his head and hands combine to make the infamous maple leaf on the Canadian flag. Since we are Spor Repor, Mr Canada’s head and arms have the familiar neon glow found in our logo.

What does the future have in store for Mr Canada? Who knows. Maybe he’ll be the official expert on the NHL here at Spor Repor. Maybe he’ll help guide us through the upcoming Canadian Football League playoffs. Maybe he’ll report on a Rush concert for us.

However, Mr Canada’s first order of business is to slap himself onto a t-shirt. So, if you’d like your very own Mr Canada t-shirt for $15, click on the shirt below and it’ll take you to our shop.

Mr Canada T-Shirt


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