Major League Football Trademarked Another Team Name: Oregon Crash

Listen, I’m going to be frank with you. The last thing I want to do is give a dead horse anymore free press. However, before our transition earlier this year to a Cascadia-focused website, we sort of became the de facto source (as in we’re the only site to have given them more than one article) for this particular dead horse: Major League Football.

As the title of this article states, while I was busy thinking the MLF was long gone after they were served eviction papers at their Florida-based headquarters, the horse still had one last rigor mortis kick left in it. Funny enough, it’s related to Cascadia related so I at least have a shrivel of reason to talk about it…even though this news dates back to late August.

According to Justia, Major League Football Inc. filed for a trademark on the name Oregon Crash on August 23rd, a full two months after they removed from their former headquarters in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. What does this mean? Nothing. Sorry to get no one’s hopes up.

What’s interesting about this undiscovered trademark is the league has been absolutely silent publically since May when their Facebook and Twitter accounts both sent out the same message following the NFL Draft.

For a league that’s a dead horse, it’s an odd move to just all of a sudden file a trademark for a new team two-three months after your last known public activity. For anyone curious about the Oregon Crash trademark, the USPTO has since mailed a non-final action notice of MLFB which means the trademark has been initially refused as of early December.

In a hypothetical scenario where the MLFB still had a heartbeat, the Oregon Crash who fill the void of the Northwest Empire trademark which was officially abandoned back in March. How the other trademarks are doing is a different story.

Of MLFB’s eight remaining team trademarks, three are in the stages of being opposed (Alabama Airborne, Ohio Union, Oklahoma Nation). Another four trademarks (Arkansas Attack, Florida Fusion, Texas Independence, Utah Stand) have been approved and are awaiting to be registered by being put into use (which will never happen). 

Lastly, the Virginia Armada, which was previously the latest trademark submission by MLFB, has a new life it appears. According to the trademark’s event history, it was given new life in early November after being initially refused, just like the Oregon Crash, in early May.

What’s interesting to note is the fact that Major League Football Inc. is still listed as the trademark’s owner. Does this mean Major League Football is still alive but only with one team? Given it’s the last day of 2016, I’m going to give it a 0.001% chance of that being the case. Lord knows we’ve had our share of surprises this year. Ultimately this merits the same enthusiasm has the fact that they’ve managed to hold onto four other team trademarks after dropping dead. 

Anyways, it’s the final midnight of 2016 as of writing this and I thought this would be an interesting article to go out on for 2016. Thanks to everyone whose stuck with us this year. As you can probably tell, Spor Repor is still attempting to find its true place on the Internet. We’ve done some things. We’ve tried other things. We decided to secede from the union a whole seven months before the rest of Washington and Oregon decided to join us (I still have that apartment tower in Surrey bookmarked). I’m improving, I hope, as a writer who’ll publish more and more content on a consistent basis for you to enjoy. 

I’d be lying if I said I know that Spor Repor will be around for a while longer. I’m really do enjoy every day I get to call this site my job. However, given this little thing called life, I honestly can’t tell you how much longer I’ll be able to say that. If I ever do stop saying it, I want you to know it will be because I was stuck between a rock and a hard place and, just like James Franco, I had to cut my arm off. Until then, I really don’t want to awake from this dream. 

Nonetheless, don’t get down in the dumps on my behalf. I still have about ten years worth of stuff I’d like to try on this site locked away in my noggin. I hope to have a lot of fun with you while I try it out. Thanks for sticking around in the meantime. I just hope I’m given enough time to show Spor Repor’s potential to Cascadia.

– Mark