LogoTrip Day 5 – International Rugby Logos

Guys, I was joking yesterday when I said I didn’t know anything about rugby. I’m telling you, I know the ins and outs of the game. Mostly the outs, though. The weak frame I’ve had most of my life would be grinned into powder if I were caught inside a scrum…or tackled in the open field…or having to run that much (I was what you’d call a “golfer” in high school).

Since lord knows whenever we’ll fully understand the sport of cricket, we decided to give International Rugby logos their own unique section instead of putting it into an “Other” or “Miscellaneous” section.

Like I said in yesterday’s post, you can access each league directly through this post by clicking on the respective league’s logo in the same manner you would navigate our Logo-Pedia. 

Aviva Premiership Rugby-01 National Rugby League-01 Pro12-01 Super League-01 Super Rugby-01

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s edition of LogoTrip. Due to the massive size of our next and final installment (International Soccer Logos), we might be breaking up the release schedule over two days so the person making all of the logos for the Logo-Pedia (me) does not slip into another state of insomnia. Trust me, insomnia will wreck you.