LogoTrip Day 4 – International Hockey Logos

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We’ve reached the halfway point of our LogoTrip. The Mountain Dew-filled enthusiasm is starting to wane; forcing us to move over to our stock of Dr Pepper and Pixy Sticks in order to keep our writers high.

On the docket for today is the second-largest edition to the International section of our Logo-Pedia: International Hockey logos. Bucking the trend of our recent updates, the majority of these teams and leagues can be found in Europe so don’t get any ideas we’re biased toward Asia.

Also, for any new visitors, I don’t know if I’ve made this clear but you can view each league if you click on the league’s logo below just like you can in Logo-Pedia’s navigation system. Whoops. 

Australian Ice Hockey League-01 Austrian Hockey League-01 Czech Extraliga-01 Deutsche Eishockey Liga-01 Elite Ice Hockey League-01 Kontinental Hockey League-01 Liiga-01 National League A-01 New Zealand Ice Hockey League-01 Slovak Extraliga-01 Supreme Hockey League-01 Swedish Hockey League-01


Tomorrow we will be unveiling our International Rugby logos section which means it’s as good a time as any to learn the rules of rugby.


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