LogoTrip Day 3 – International Football Logos

Let’s see, coming current to seem hip in front of the cool kids who read my articles…

Yo peeps, how bout that Pokemon Go? Totally scored myself a NeedleKing the other day. Also, don’t get me started how annoying it is to come across nothing but Pidgeons, am I right?…

Anyways, on day 3 of Logo-Pedia’s LogoTrip, we show that North American isn’t the only country the sport of football is played on.

American Football League of China-01 Australian Football League-01 BIG6 European Football League-01 China Arena Football League-01 City Bowl-01 Elite Football League India-01 North East Australian Football League-01 South Australian National Football League-01 Victoria Football League-01 West Australian Football League-01

As you Aussies will notice, we’re grouping Australian-rules football in the same section as Gridiron football. We’re doing this because…well, where else are we going to put Australian-rules football?

Tomorrow on LogoTrip, we unveil the second-largest addition to the International logos section: International Hockey logos.