LogoTrip Day 1 – International Baseball Logos

Salutations Spor Repor nation. Is that what you’re called? How should I know.

Nonetheless it is summertime which means it’s time to go on vacation. How can a website go on vacation? Hold on one sec…

In three days, Spor Repor’s Logo-Pedia is celebrating its one-year anniversary. What better way than to combine that anniversary with a vacation. How?

A LogoTrip, that’s how. Get it…it’s a play off of euro trip…listen, it’s 3 in the morning so I’m a bit low on material.

Long story short, over the next SIX days, we will be unveiling a brand new set of sports logos to go into our all new International Logos section of Logo-Pedia. At the culmination of our LogoTrip, we will be proud to announce that Spor Repor has accomplished the goal we set out for one year ago with Logo-Pedia.

So join us as we take a trip around the international sports logo universe and what not. For our first day on the LogoTrip, we’re proud to unveil our International Baseball logos section. The section includes thirty-four teams in a combined four leagues across two continents.

Australian Baseball League-01 Collegiate Baseball League Europe-01 Korea Baseball Organization-01 Nippon Professional Baseball-01

On Day 2 of our LogoTrip, we’ll unveil our International Basketball logos.