Local Sports Card Shop Sees Record Profits; Plans To Open Two New Locations – Sportsverse

A Seattle-area sports card shop is reporting that they have seen record profits during the first quarter of 2017 and plan to expand because of it.

Walter Johnson of Walter’s Sports Card Shop in Renton has recently taken to his company’s Facebook page to express his gratitude to the many customers who’ve helped fuel is shop’s recent success. In the posting, Johnson expressed his gratitude toward his many supporters. Johnson stated he hadn’t had this much success in the sports card business since the mid-90s.

According to Johnson, he owes much of his recent success to the continued support of the sports card industry by children and teenagers. 

“Kids these days can’t get enough of collecting sports cards,” said Johnson. “Kids are as attached to sports cards as they were in the 80s. They continuing to flock in droves to the industry. After school each day you see dozens of them in the shop. A dozen or so at once will be hanging out, trading cards, and opening packs until the store closes. Plus, all I see on our Facebook page are local teenagers boasting about the hits they got from opening packs.”

Johnson states that because of his shop’s recent success, he plans to open two new locations, in Everett and Tacoma, in the coming months. 

“There’s too many people coming through the doors each day to count. We’re outgrowing our current warehouse location. We plan on moving into the recently vacated K-Mart in Tacoma and the recently vacated Macy’s at the Everett Mall. We hope to have these locations open in time for the summer rush. Hopefully this will help alleviate the foot traffic we’ve been getting. It’ll also give us a chance to expand our inventory of classic sports cards from the 80s and 90s as well as the newer releases.”