In this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, a chord was struck with us here at the Spor Repor. In every episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver goes in-depth on a single topic in the news for 15-20 minutes as his main segment. In this week’s episode, Oliver tackled stadium financing.

John Oliver went in-depth into recent news regarding pro sports teams and their dealings with stadium financing. Among the team’s highlighted were the Miami Marlins, Arizona Coyotes, Milwaukee Bucks, and the plethora of NFL teams looking to relocate to Los Angeles.

Oliver talked about the loss of income cities receive after making stadium deals, the types of rewards and incentives teams pitch in order to secure a stadium deal with a city, and the irrationality of fan bases who would see their city crumble into disrepair than have their favorite hockey team leave for a more reasonable location (God made Phoenix so hot it cannot sustain an ice rink in nature for a reason people).

Having been born and raised in Washington State, this episode struck a cord with us due to the fact that it was Seattle not willing to back down against Clay Bennett and his ludicrous demands to build a new arena that led the Supersonics to Oklahoma City.

That’s right OKC fans. If after watching this episode you agreed with what Oliver was staying and still see yourself as an OKC fan, you are one big fucking hypocrite (sorry not sorry for the language).

And to fans of the Milwaukee Bucks, let me just affirm to you that the majority of Seattle Supersonics fans do not want your team because we know what we went through after the Sonics left and don’t to have two wrongs make a right in this instance.

Topics like this (this is where I might alienate some of you so just turn away if you don’t want that to happen) make me feel a bit sorry for the state of the American sports fan. The fact that over the course of history we’ve been willing to bend over backwards for millionaires just so our favorite sports team doesn’t leave us is a bit pathetic.

I look to european soccer for example whenever these stadium deal instances arise. Just look at your average English Premier League stadia and, in comparison, look at comparable Major League Soccer stadia. Look at how good you have it as an American sports fan. EPL stadia don’t all have gigantic LED scoreboards. Most don’t have a gaggle of luxury suites. Most stands inside the elite and well-known european soccer stadiums¬†aren’t even made of individual seats but rather bench seating.

The only place to find all-bench seating in large American stadiums is college football stadiums. You know why that is? I believe it’s because American fans have allowed pro sports team not to care or be connected about the nearby community as well as colleges and high schools and european soccer clubs have.

European soccer teams are treated like a member of the family with the family being the town or neighborhood they are located in. American pro sports teams are more like that really attractive girl you are in a relationship that you keep showering with gifts and presents whenever they ask for something because deep down, you know they are just a fucking gold digger who’ll grab ahold of next sugar daddy she sees once you stop *drop mic*.