With Spor Repor’s major announcement just under a month away, we figured that we’d introduce our newest sports team encyclopedia ahead of schedule. Think of it as a belated Valentines Day present. It’s better late than never after all.

So, without further ado, I present to you our newest addition to the Spor Repor family: Team-Pedia.

Team-Pedia is a comprehensive database of EVERY SINGLE sports teams in the United States and Canada; from the pros to college to the smallest level of minor league sports I deemed appropriate before it turned into amateur leagues. How many teams is that you might ask? Does close to 2,500 active sports teams across the two countries sound like enough teams for you? Good, because it makes Team-Pedia the most comprehensive North American sports team encyclopedia on the Internet.

We will update Team-Pedia accordingly as new teams and leagues sprout up and old ones are sent to the graveyard.

If you have any news tips to keep our Team-Pedia up-to-date, feel free as always to e-mail Mark over at marklavis@sporrepor.com

What does Spor Repor have in-store over the next couple of weeks in the lead-up to March 17th? I don’t know. I wouldn’t want you to spoil your appetite with sweets ahead of the main course after all.

United States Sports Teams

Canada Sports Teams