Following in the footsteps of a group who previously asked the Cowlitz Black Bears to change their name for the very same reason, the Pacific Northwest Wolf Equality Coalition has asked the Gresham GreyWolves to alter their name on the grounds that it is racially divisive. 

PNWEC, whose mission is to foster productive conversations regarding the differences between many members of the wolf community, have sent a letter asking that the GreyWolves baseball team remove the word “Grey” for their name. The group states that by including the word “Grey” in their name, they are targeting a specific race of wolf to be their mascot instead of trying to promote the entire wolf community. 

“After much deliberation with many of our members, along with input from the Cascade Bear Advocacy Group, we have decided to ask that the Gresham baseball team to please alter their name in order for our entire membership body to feel comfortable,” stated PNWEC president Harold Timber.

“With grey wolves making up such a large percentage of the local wolf community, it’s crucial we do not marginalized wolves who do not identify as grey by making grey wolves the lone representatives of the community. Ergo, we asked that the Gresham GreyWolves incorporate the entire wolf community into their name by removing the “grey” portion from their name.”

Timber states that other chapters of the Wolf Equality Coalition will be sending out similar letters in the coming days in an effort to curb what they perceive as a widespread issue amongst sports teams.

“We at the WEC are of the belief that singling out any race of wolf, no matter their stature in the local community, ultimately pushes an anti-equality message. Teams like the Arkansas State Red Wolves and New England Black Wolves will be receiving letters from their local WEC chapters in the coming days in a concerted effort to help shift the conversation surrounding race-specific animal mascots for the better.”

Timber also states that the group, along with CBAG, are looking to empower other animal rights groups in the Pacific Northwest that might also be victim of racially divisive sports team nicknames.