Green Bay Gamblers – Better Know A Team

Team Name: Green Bay Gamblers

Alter Egos: Green Bay Kitty Cats, Green Bay Not Packers

League: United States Hockey League (USHL)

True Rivals: Madison Capitals, Green Bay Packers, snow

Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin…or is it Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin?

Home Venue: Resch Center – 10,200

Nearest Bar To Pre-Game At: D2 Sports Pub – 250 feet

Best Player Names: Jack & Nick Poehling (it’s so great for two young people to be so enthusiastic in voting that they changed their last names to reflect that)

Worst Player Name: Brett Gruber (who in their right mind would give birth to the child of Hans Gruber)

Chances In A Nickname War: I reckon they’ll need luck on their side. Too bad they mark any cards in advance.

Interesting Fact: The location of Resch Center, the home of the Gamblers, sits at a very odd border between the towns of Green Bay and Ashwaubenon (I’m so glad I don’t even have to try and pronounce that). According to Google Maps, the northern border of the Ashwaubenon is Lombardi Ave which is the northern street bordering the Resch Center. However, if you look at the closest streets bordering the Resch Center from the west and east, you’ll see on the opposite sides of those streets is Green Bay. Funny enough, Lambeau Field is located directly west of the Resch Center on the other side of Oneida Street and thus in Green Bay.

Basically what I’m trying to say is apparently the Green Bay was so worried about losing the Packers to Ashwaubenon (apparently thinking they’d be called the Ashwaubenon Packers) that they carved a piece of land of Ashwaubenon so Lambeau would remain within the Green Bay city limits. Meanwhile in New York City, they couldn’t care less where there teams play as long as they’re called New York.