Fan Starts GoFundMe Campaign To Bring MLS To His Farm – Sportsverse

A soccer fan in Northern Washington has recently started a GoFundMe campaign in order to fund the construction of an MLS-caliber stadium on his farm to lure the league to his hometown.

Cody Shafers of La Conner launched the crowdsourcing campaign after town officials didn’t return his calls regarding a proposed bill that would’ve funded the stadium’s construction on a plot of land just outside of the town center. 

Shafers has set a goal of $51 million dollars in order to fully fund the construction of the stadium. Shafers mentions he has allocated a plot on his farmland where the stadium would be built; giving away the land free of charge to the campaign.

The primary goal for the campaign, Shafers states, is to “show that there are people all over the Swinomish Channel area that are willing to give their hard earned money to support this great opportunity.”

“There are many reasons why the MLS should think about my farm in La Conner as a possible destination for an expansion team,” says Shafers. “The La Conner market is completely untapped. A MLS club wouldn’t have to compete against any other sports team outside of the local high school. You can also have the town build highway access wherever you want because there isn’t a highway within at least a couple of miles. There aint a lot around my farm except other farms so it’d be easy to buy them out. None of that bureaucratic nonsense you’d have to deal with in a city.”

Shafers, who says he’s been to two Seattle Sounders games, says there is a large appetite for the sport of soccer in the area.

“All my friend talks about is soccer. I reckon the whole town would go watch a MLS team if it came to town.”

As of this posting, the GoFundMe campaign has received a total of $75 dollars from a total of six different individuals.