Fresno Monsters – Better Know A Team

Team Name: Fresno Monsters

Alter Ego: Fresno Not Falcons

League: Western States Hockey League (WSHL)

True Rivals: Tahoe Icemen, Fresno State football/basketball, figure skating practice

Hometown: Fresno, California

Home Venue: Gateway Ice Center – Umm…enough?

Nearest Bar To Pre-Game At: Whisky Dicks…no…Nick’s Lounge…no…fine, Liquor King – 1.2 miles

Best Player Names: Wolfgang Boehringer (if this man doesn’t someday play for the Hartford Wolfpack then I will be sorely disappointed)

Worst Player Name: Josh Rieberger (listen here Josh, I don’t care how they do it up north but in America we put our burgers on sesame seed buns and not rye bread)

Chances In A Nickname War: They’re monsters which favors them greatly if the war takes place on Halloween.

Interesting Fact: The Fresno Monsters once operated two separate junior hockey teams with the other playing in the higher-tiered North American Hockey League. However, shortly after being awarded a NAHL team, the franchise was ultimately moved to Wenatchee, Washington which is two hours up the road from us. However, Wenatchee ended up moving to the BCHL and for some reason the Monsters have some sort of partnership with the current Wenatchee BCHL team as well as their U-18 team.

For curious Fresno residents, Wenatchee is much smaller than Fresno though, unlike your city, it can actually get cold there in the winter. Fresno, in the not too distant past, was also home to minor league hockey team Fresno Falcons who existed in various leagues dating to the 40s before going defunct in 2008. It’s safe to say the city of Fresno has plummeted down the US hockey ladder in the past few years.