Fore Things Spor Repor Wishes It Could Cover

Let’s face it, I’m not a robot. I can’t handle covering everything in the world of sports. This March Madness edition of Nickname Wars is making question my life choices. Don’t even get me started about school and how awful it is I can’t substitute anything I do on here for assignments even though THE END PRODUCTS ARE THE EXACT SAME THING. Is Finnish a tough language to learn?

A week into the official Spor Repor and I already have the gears turning in my head trying to figure out how to expand and reach a wider audience. I’ve thought about joining the million different social media websites there are out there and being active on ever single one. I’ve thought about hiring people even though every paycheck I give would be out of pocket. Hell, I’ve thought how to be like Johnny Depp in Transcendence and upload my conscious to the world wide web and become an all-powerful God (surprisingly, it’s actually quite tough).

Nonetheless, here are the top four things I wish Spor Repor could bring to you but for obvious, robot-less reasons, it cannot…for now.


1) Stadium Guides

Oddly enough, this is sort of my dream. I’ve been blessed early in life to have been taken by my father to many stadiums across the country. I went to the 2010 Winter Olympics. I had a summer break that involved hopping from each ballpark in the Florida State Baseball League (luckily I was able to watch a game at Vero Beach the last season a team called that ballpark home). Heck, I just watched the first ever College Football Playoff National Championship Game in Jerry’s World from the luxury of the press box. Ever since I was in middle school, my dream job has been to visit the stadiums of the world and report on what it is like to be there during a game. I love both the large stadiums (ex. AT&T Stadium and CenturyLink Stadium) as well as the small stadiums for minor league and even high school sports teams that dot the American sporting landscape. I believe each stadiums has a different (sorry to get all hippy on you) soul that one must be present to fully understand. Then again, teleportation hasn’t been invented yet so don’t expect me to pursue this costly dream anytime soon.

Spor Repor NickWar WISL

2) Indoor Soccer

What is more American then indoor soccer? Take something that originated in the England and migrate it over to the United States over time to the point it resented being from Britain and thus morphed into the unique and better hybrid. Indoor soccer, for those who don’t know, gained major popularity in the 1970s and 80s as a tool to fill arenas across America with another sport to fill up the dead time basketball and hockey weren’t being played. The MISL was the league back in the day but like its cousin the NASL, it eventually collapsed. Unlike outdoor soccer which has this thing called the World Cup, the sport has yet to reach a similar level of nationwide popularity that it once had and has taken many years to pick up the pieces. Recently, the MASL has taken up the task to try and become a worthy nationwide indoor soccer league. Personally indoor soccer was the sport I loved to play growing up but due to the lack of it being on the top of the nation’s conscious, the sport has now become segmented into small communities of avid supporters across the country that have yet to properly link up. One day, when I am able to consume the MASL like any major American sports league, Spor Repor will attempt to become one of the main sources of MASL commentary and news. Who wants some Fantasy MASL?

2015 Topps MLS

3) The Sports Card Market

Reporting on the sports card industry to me would be like reporting on the newspaper industry and the stock market at the exact same time. Gone are the days where kids wanted to collect sports cards. Now with the ever-expanding universe of video games and handheld technology, a card with a player’s picture on it is boring to them. Without the future generations supporting this hobby industry, sports cards are becoming less and less valuable. But boy, do not tell that to the people attempting to keep sports cards alive to level it was in the late 80s at its peak of popularity. Trying to educate a diehard sports card collectors on the state of the business and this crazy idea of an open and free marketplace where prices are allowed to fluctuate to meet these foreign terms called supply and demand is difficult. I imagine this is what Model T owners went through way back in the day. I imagine this is what Beanie Babies collectors went through a decade ago. Face the facts. The demand is not what is use to be and so the fact that Panini and Topps are flooding the market with a dozen different editions of basketball and football cards each year doesn’t mean the price should stay the same or even rise. That doesn’t mean the hobby has to die. It just means, like the door-to-door milkman, you should find a different aspect of the industry to go into if you want to keep a full-time job that involves sports cards. Man, who doesn’t want to report on a sinking ship.

XFL Football

4) XFL

It died way too soon. After only existing for just one season, the XFL was forced to fold for many stupid reasons like it wasn’t making money. XFL is arguably one of the few leagues where I can turn on a game and just enjoy it. A few months ago I found someone on YouTube whose been posting entire XFL game broadcasts and feeling nostalgic, I watched the inaugural XFL game. I do not think I laughed harder watching a sporting event then I did while watching that video. If the XFL existed today, it would be considered a modern-day satirization of the NFL and in particular how the media is presenting it. You’ve got your blatant sexualization of cheerleaders. You got sideline reporters interviewing players literally just after they made an interception or scored a touchdown. They even had cameramen run onto the field (these were the days before that over-the-field camera that’s commonplace today) who broadcasted the huddle live and had referees mic’ed up the entire game so the viewer could here everything they were saying to each other at all times. ALL OF THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME! BRING BACK THE XFL!

Note to readers: My laptop recently had the computer equivalent of a heart attack yesterday when attempting to install OS X Yosemite. It might need a new hard drive and with that the potential to possibly erase everything I’ve ever made for Spor Repor since my last backup was last August. Please pray for my Mac that nothing bad happens to it. That is all.


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