First Seattle Resident Discovers The UW Womens Basketball Team – Sportsverse

Long thought by many to be nothing more than an urban myth, a fairytale or a fable, one Seattle resident this morning discovered that all of these tales were speaking the truth. Jamie Savage of Capital Hill has become the first-ever Seattle resident to discover the existence of the UW womens basketball team.

The team, who yesterday clinched their place in the NCAA Womens Basketball Final Four after an improbable run as a 7th seed, was long thought to have died out many eons ago due to a superior mens basketball team. However, Savage did not believe that was the case and instead set out on a month-long journey in order to discover the forgotten womens basketball team for the University of Washington.

“Many thought I was stupid for believing in the supposed UW womens basketball myth,” said a defiant Savage. “Many thought taking an interest in what seemed like an inferior team was moronic. After my discovery, I’d say the mens basketball team should be the one that’s called inferior.”

Even though Savage has documented his discovery, including footage captured from the popular sports channel ESPN that shows the existence of the team in modern day, many in Seattle consider Savage to be a conspiracy theorist that should belong in the same category as those who believe Atlantis and Detroit exist.

“If there was a UW womens basketball team, I would’ve read about it in the papers,” said Dan Hannigan of Ballard. “All I see on the front page are the UW mens basketball team. Why would newspapers favor one gender’s basketball team over another to such a great extent? It’s because the womens team is just a myth.”

Savage still remains the only person in Seattle to openly believe in the UW womens basketball team and hopes that others will discover them in the coming days as they compete in the Final Four.