FC Ritzville – Better Know A Cascadia Soccer League Team

Team Name: FC Ritzville

Hometown: Ritzville, WA

Home Venue: Ritzville Stadium – 25,000

Nickname: The Shockers

Supporters Group: Purple Fever

Derbies: The Adams County Derby (FC Ritzville)

The sixth Cascadia Soccer League team we’ll look at is the second half of the Adams County Derby along with Dynamo Othello. FC Ritzville is an underdog club with not a lot of veteran experience but the potential ceiling for this team is high.

Starting Lineup:

  • LS – Misao Yamamura
  • RS – Sango Yokomizo
  • LM – Kenny Ellison
  • LCM – Michael Wayne
  • RCM – Mark Stanley
  • RM – Jacob Devitt
  • LB – Luke Wilson
  • CB – Michael Hughes
  • CB – Octavio Dominguez
  • RB – Arthur Wright
  • GK – Raymond Sturridge

FC Ritzville are led by their duo of Hong Kong international strikers Misao Yamamura and Sango Yokomizo whose car broke down in Ritzville while they were driving from Seattle to Spokane. In defense, Ritzville are led by left back Luke Wilson who is not related to actor Owen Wilson or that guy who was Ashton Kutcher’s brother or something in That ’70s Show. What was his name again? Ted?

Outside of their two strikers, Ritzville doesn’t present too much dazzle with their young and inexperienced squad which proves to be their greatest weakness going into the season.

FC Ritzville start the season on the road against Townsend Town.