Team Name: Fairbanks Ice Dogs

Alter Ego: Fairbanks Puppies, North Pole Ice Dogs

League: North American Hockey League (NAHL)

True Rivals: Kenai River Brown Bears, Being the most northern minor league hockey team in North America, the heater going out

Hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska

Home Venue: Big Dipper Ice Arena – 1,857

Nearest Bar To Pre-Game At: Tony’s Sports Bar – 1.2 miles

Best Player Names: Ryan Kero (I can be your kero, baby. I can kiss away the pain. I will stand by you forever. You can take my breath away)

Worst Player Name: Clay Cross (I don’t see how having a cross made of clay out on the ice benefits the Ice Dogs)

Chances In A Nickname War: If they have the home-field advantage, they have the added benefit of being able to give most of their potential opponents hypothermia which will help.

Interesting Fact: Not only are the Fairbanks Ice Dogs the most northern minor league hockey in North America, they are the most northern minor league sports team, no matter the sport, in North America. It makes sense since Fairbanks is actually more north than the North Pole. I didn’t know that was even possible. If it weren’t for the Alaska Nanooks whose newer and nicer hockey arena is just less than two miles north of the Big Dipper Ice Arena, the Ice Dogs would be the most northern sports team in North America no matter the level of sport.

It kind of makes you wonder why there are no minor league sports teams in northern Canada. I mean come on Canadians, man up. If the people of Fairbanks are crazy enough to last through the central Alaska winter than I reckon you could put a minor league hockey team somewhere in the Yukon or even northern British Columbia.