Group Asks Eugene Emeralds To Change Their Name To Something Less Segregative

Following the footsteps of CBAGPNWEC and WADAC, a Eugene-area advocacy group has issued a statement calling for the Eugene Emeralds to change their name. 

The Eugene chapter of the American Gems Alliance has called on the Emeralds baseball organization to change their nickname on the grounds that it is disparaging to the underrepresented emerald community.

“We asked the underrepresented emerald communities of Oregon what the Eugene baseball organization has done for them in exchange for using their heritage and namesake for profit,” stated chapter president Ruby Jade. “Unequivocally, members of the local emerald communities have told us that this baseball team is doing to further advance or aid their communities. Furthermore, the depiction of an emerald by the Eugene baseball team is wholly inaccurate and paints emeralds as hairy and feral beasts. This depiction can only be seen as derogatory and does not place the emerald community is a positive spotlight.”

Jade says the actions by groups, such as CBAG and WADAC, over the past few weeks have galvanized advocacy groups such as AGA to speak out against travesties they’ve previously swept under the rug for the sake of tackling bigger fish. 

“What we’ve learned is that micro-privileges are something that should no longer be ignored. Over time, these micro-privileges stack on top of one another and end up creating a macro-privilege that is much harder to combat. Echoing the sentiment of other groups, I do not think these baseball teams are actively trying to segregate or disenfranchise anyone intentionally. That’s the hidden danger of micro-privileges. It ultimately takes sharp-eyed onlookers to recognize when an action is caused by micro-privilege and to inform the ignorant party of their mistake.”

The Eugene Emeralds released a statement earlier today saying they’ve read AGA’s statement and look forward to working with the group on an amicable resolution in the near future.