Awards these days are given out for everything under the moon. You can get a trophy for just showing up, a medal if you commit the least amount of fouls on the field, and now thanks to the Evergreen Premier League based in the state of Washington, you can now get socks.

For their upcoming season, the EPLWA have partnered with Rock’Em Apparel to hand out a pair of custom socks featuring the state seal of Washington and EPLWA logo to the offensive and defensive player of the week.

These socks have to be a direct response to the Armadillo trophy handed out by the ATX Pro Challenge last February that made every other soccer trophy immediately jealous. Who wants another serving plate or oversized goblet when you could win a damn armadillo in a cowboy hat with two pistols?

We at Spor Repor thank the EPLWA for not stealing our revolutionary idea for a trophy: A codpiece awarded each week to the player who was on the receiving end of the most painful tackle/challenge/slide tackle. Of course Spor Repor will never have its own sports league so this trophy is a mere fantasy.