El Paso Chihuahuas – Better Know A Team

Team Name: El Paso Chihuahuas

Alter Ego: El Paso Little Dogs

League: Pacific Coast League (PCL)

True Rivals: Albuquerque Isotopes, UTEP, the Mexican Drug Cartel

Hometown: El Paso, Texas

Home Venue: Southwest University Park – 7,500

Nearest Bar To Pre-Game At: The Big Dog House – Behind the right field fence

Best Player Names: Hunter Renfroe (I honestly couldn’t pick a best player name so I just picked Hunter because I covered him when he was playing for the Eugene Emeralds)

Worst Player Name: Robert Kral (luckily he plays the one position, catcher, where you can Kral around all game without much consequence)

Chances In A Nickname War: Unless there is a team in the Pacific Coast League nicknamed the Paris Hiltons then the Chihuahuas will likely be facing an early exit.

Interesting Fact: A major reason the team chose the nickname Chihuahuas was because the name means the same in English as it does in Spanish. You know what else means the same in English as it does in Spanish? Coyotes. Last time I checked, Coyotes is a much more intimidating nickname then Chihuahuas. Like…a lot more. But hey, when you have teams like the Akron Rubber Ducks leading the recent minor league baseball rebrand revolution, Chihuahuas might be a pretty good nickname in comparison.