Damian Lillard Unveils New Rap Single Featuring Bill Walton Titled “77 Is Heaven” – Sportsverse

Grammy award-winning rapper and Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard unveiled a new rap single Thursday morning titled “77 Is Heaven.” The song is a collaboration with former Trail Blazers and current tie dye t-shirt activist Bill Walton who provides a large portion of the vocals for the song.

Lillard says he was inspired to make the song by the ceremony the Trail Blazers had for the 1977 championship-winning team earlier this season. While coming up with lyrics for the song, he reached out Walton, a member of the 1977 squad, for assistance. The two became close friends last summer after the two went on a kayaking excursion down the Willamette River together.

“Bill Walton’s woke man,” stated Lillard. “The way he puts rhymes industry is unseen in the industry. He’s got mad chops. His lyrics are savage. He’s lived it man. No one can speak better about 77 then Bill. I had to have him alongside me in the studio. I needed his greenhouse of soul. I needed his stash of ideas. I needed his garden of inspiration. Together, I think we made one hell of a song.”

“When Damian Lillard, the greatest point guard in the history of the Portland Trail Blazers organization, asked me to work on his new single with him, I jumped on the opportunity,” said Walton. “I said to myself ‘Am I even lit enough to work alongside the wordsmith that is Mister Lillard?’ When we were kayaking down the mighty Willamette River last summer, gazing at the majestic Oregon landscape as we passed it by, I said to myself ‘this man is just too on fleek’ for an old man like me. But if Mister Lillard, the greatest point guard in the history of the NBA since Magic Johnson, who I played against during my career, thinks I can keep up with his gnarly words then I mustn’t be too shabby.”

Within the first hour of it’s release, the song’s lyrics video on YouTube has garnered over one million views.