Damian Lillard To Collaborate With Jake Paul On His Next Rap Album

Portland Trail Blazers point guard and rapper Damian Lillard has announced he will collaborate with up-and-coming mega rap superstar Jake Paul on his next album.

With Portland’s early departure from the NBA playoffs, Lillard is already well-into writing lyrics for his next rap album which he hopes to have done in time for the next NBA season. Earlier this week, Lillard began exploring potential collaboration partners, such as Kanye West and his former partner Bill Walton, before deciding to reach out to Paul.

“When I first thought up the idea of bringing in someone to help collaborate on this rap album, the first name that came to mind was Jake Paul,” said Lillard. “The man’s new single, It’s Everyday Bro, has set the rap world on fire. It’s one of the most expertly crafted songs, from a lyrical standpoint, in the past decade. Paul easily has a shot at being the next Kendrick Lamar with the talent he showcased in that single, as well as that expertly shot and edited music video.”

Paul, who was enthusiastic to receive the collaboration invite by Lillard, said he can’t wait to get started on his new album.

“Bro, I’d collab with Dame D.O.L.L.A. everyday bro. Everyday bro. Bro, he’s my favorite baller. I’ve been following him since he played in Ohio, bro. I’m going to give my all into helping Dame with his album bro. I’m honored bro. We’re going to sell so many albums bro. They’re going to sell like a god church bro.”

Lillard has yet to decide on an title for his next album, stating that he will seek input from Paul on the matter.

“I certainly will look and see what Paul’s suggestions are. I mean, It’s Everyday Bro (Song) was just such an ingenious title for his latest single. If he has something of that caliber to bring to the table regarding my album’s title, I’m all ears.”