Team Name: Corpus Christi Hooks

Alter Egos: Corpus Christi Fish Weapons, Corpus Christi Hookers

League: Texas League (TL)

True Rivals: San Antonio Missions, fish nets, aftermath of spring breakers

Hometown: Corpus Christi, Texas

Where Not To Stay When Visiting From Out Of Town: Any place that shows up on a college spring break travel pamphlet

Home Venue: Whataburger Field – 7,050

Nearest Bar Waterpark To Pre-Game At: Hurricane Alley Waterpark – 0.0 miles

Best Player Name: Edison Frias (must be the great great grandson of Tesla Frias)

Worst Player Name: Chan Moon (hey Chan, you live on Earth okay, so your name should be Chan Earth)

Chances In A Nickname War: If they were in the same league as the Florida Marlins, Columbus Catfish, and maybe even the New Hampshire Fisher Cats they’d have a shot. However, when you boil it down, they are just a small piece of metal.

Interesting Fact: Whataburger is an actual chain of burger restaurants that King of The Hill didn’t just make up. In fact, its first restaurant opened in Corpus Christi in 1950. I was so disappointed when I found out Krusty Burger wasn’t a thing and The Simpsons just made it up. But hey, Krusty Krab exists in real life so I’m alright with that.