Confused Oregon Fan Unable To Find When Team’s Bowl Game Is – Sportsverse

With the 2016-17 college bowl season well underway, one Oregon Ducks football fan is having a tough time figuring out when his team’s bowl game is.

Jordan Platter of Silverton, an Oregon alum and lifelong fan of the Ducks football program, took to Facebook Wednesday morning in a now viral posting to ask people when Oregon’s bowl game this season. Platter, whose checked dozens of bowl season schedules over the last few weeks, was unable to find Oregon’s bowl game on any of them and has become frustrated because of it.

“All I want to know is when Oregon plays. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK,” read in part Platter’s posting on Facebook which has now received 11.6 million views. “I’ve checked all of the bowls. I’ve checked the Rose Bowl. I’ve checked the Alamo Bowl. I even checked the Las Vegas Bowl. Oregon is playing in none of them. I’ve checked the bowls that don’t have a contract with the Pac-12. Oregon isn’t playing in any of them either.

Platter went on to try and point blame and certain individuals and organizations who’re reportedly trying to cover up Oregon’s bowl game. “Why is the mainstream media refusing to report on Oregon’s bowl game? How much did Oregon State alumni pay the execs over at CNN and New York Times to cover this up? We need answers! Oregon fans and fans of the team Oregon is playing, I assume Texas, need answers dammit! We’re having our religious liberties trampled on by the MSM! Someone just tell me which bowl game Oregon is playing in and when it is being played. Why won’t anyone tell me! I’m in a glass case of emotion.”

Note: The Oregon Ducks football program was not able to qualify for a bowl game this year following their 2016 regular season.