College Football Fan Acts Respectful Toward To Recruit Who Decommitted From Their College – Sportsverse

A college football fan was respectful toward a 17-year-old on social media Sunday when the two-star football recruit decommitted from the fan’s team.

Michael McArthur, an alumni of Washington A&M, was respectful toward two-star wide receiver Wade Heathers when he announced he had decommitted from the Walleyes program Sunday morning.

“After talking it over with my family, I’ve decided to decommit from WA&M. Thanks to coach Pitzner for the opportunity. I look forward to announcing my new commitment on Signing Day” stated Heathers on his Twitter account. 

Opting not to get worked up over the life decisions of a 17-year-old he will never know personally, McArthur wished Heathers good luck and thanked him for considering the Walleyes. 

“@WH88Balla Thanks for giving the Walleyes a shot Wade. I wish you well wherever your football career may take you #GoWalleyes #BuildTheWall” stated McArthur shortly after Heathers’s announcement. 

“I’m glad one of our Walleye faithful were kind to Heathers following his decommittment,” said Washington A&M head coach Gary Pitzner. “Usually when a recruit decommits from a school, they have to change their phone number, their usernames, and even their e-mail addresses. College football fans are brutal when it comes to voicing their opinions; no matter how shallow and pedantic.” 

According to 247Stalkers, the three schools at the top of Heathers’s board are now Central Oregon, Washington Tech, and Vancouver State.