Central Penn Capitals – Better Know A Team

Team Name: Central Penn Capitals

Alter Ego: Harrisburg Capitals, Central Penn “Wait, York Is No Longer The Capital of Pennsylvania?” Capitals

League: American Indoor Football (AIF)

True Rivals: Lehigh Valley Steelhawks, AIF Over-Expansion (Seriously, 20 new teams for the 2016 season), Convincing people that Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania

Hometown: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Home Venue: Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center (Large Arena) – 7,600

Nearest Bar To Pre-Game At: Clover Club – 0.8 miles

Best Player Names: Currently Vacant (something about that name that screams a winner)

Worst Player Name: Currently Vacant (something about that name that screams a loser)

Chances In A Nickname War: The Hunger Games movies have taught me anything, other than that all teenage murders are some of the most creepy even if it’s theoretically against their will, it’s that if a Capital can be taken down by a freaking mockingjay than they aren’t that powerful to begin with.

Interesting Fact: The Central Penn Capitals were formerly called the York Capitals who were based in York, Pennsylvania (population 43,550) up until the start of the next season. Why the move? The owners probably realized that York wasn’t the capital for…well anything so they decided to move 26 miles north on I-83 to Harrisburg which is actually the capital of something. I’d say what Harrisburg is the capital of but since I imagine most of Spor Repor’s readers graduated middle school geography then I should let you use your noggins on this one.