Mike Leach Rips Apart Local Lemonade Stand – Sportsverse

A local lemonade stand in Pullman, Washington has just lost a customer for life in Washington State football coach Mike Leach. Leach, the head football coach for the Washington State Cougars JC football team, couldn’t help but voice his frustration at a Wednesday press conference following a recent bad experience at a lemonade stand set up… read more »

Russell Wilson Unaware No One Calls Him Dangeruss – Sportsverse

Following a win to open the NFL regular season, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has made it clear that he’s completely oblivious to what people actually call him. During his post-game press conference, Wilson referred to himself, in the third person, numerous times as “Dangeruss”. However, as documented since he entered the league, no one… read more »

What If Cascadia’s Four FBS Schools Had Their Own Cup

I can’t be the only person to have had this thought, can I? With the new college football season underway, I can’t help but wonder why there isn’t a cup for Cascadia’s four FBS schools (Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State). While in-state rivalries are well documented (the Apple Cup and Civil War) along with… read more »

Entire Seattle Seahawks Team To Protest Having To Play The Dolphins – Sportsverse

The entire Seattle Seahawks will protest having to play the Miami Dolphins prior to their season-opening game Sunday in Seattle. According to Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner, the Seahawks players have planned a “big surprise” during the national anthem of Sunday’s home opener. The protest is inspired by Colin Kaepernick’s actions this preseason which sought to… read more »

Washington State Cougars Relegated From Pac-12; EWU Promoted – Sportsverse

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott has announced that Washington State Cougars football program will be relegated from the Pac-12 Conference at the conclusion of the 2016 regular season. Scott also announced that EWU will be taking their spot in the conference starting next season. The relegation comes on the heels of an unsurprising loss by the Cougars… read more »