Spor Repor Will Be Going On Hiatus

After much consideration, I have decided to put Spor Repor on hiatus for the foreseeable future. This action was taken in order for me to deal with certain personal matters that have arisen over the past few days and weeks. I don’t take this decision lightly and have done all that I can, up until… read more »

Our Suggestions For Safeco Field Name Replacements

It has been announced that Safeco will not be renewing their stadium naming rights deal with the Seattle Mariners. This means that following the 2018 season, Safeco Field will be no more and the Mariners will seek out a new stadium naming rights partner.  Given all of the tantalizing options this opportunity might procure, we… read more »

We Gave A Twitter Audit To 34 Cascadia Sports Teams

Inspired by the recent Twitter auditing trend in the political world, we at Spor Repor decided to give 34 Cascadia sports teams the Twitter audit treatment. While an audit could involve numerous things, we are solely looking at each of these team’s Real-to-Fake follower ratio. With the potential for high follower counts being faked using… read more »