The Oregon Ducks Football Team Needs To Take A Knee On This Season

Do you know what my expectations are for the Oregon Ducks football team this season? The Las Vegas Bowl. After yesterday’s conference opener at home against Colorado, it became evident to be that Oregon fans across the country should dampen their expectations this season and the football team should take a knee. The Oregon Ducks… read more »

Jack Jewsbury Announces Unretirement In 2018 – Sportsverse

Jack Jewsbury of the Portland Timbers has announced he will unretire and rejoin the team more than halfway through the 2018 season. Jewsbury announced earlier this week he will be retiring from the Timbers at the conclusion of their 2016 season. The defensive-minded midfielder has appeared more than 150 times in a Timbers uniform since he… read more »

What If Cascadia’s Four FBS Schools Had Their Own Cup

I can’t be the only person to have had this thought, can I? With the new college football season underway, I can’t help but wonder why there isn’t a cup for Cascadia’s four FBS schools (Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State). While in-state rivalries are well documented (the Apple Cup and Civil War) along with… read more »