Nickname Battle: Gildan New Mexico Bowl

Aggies (Utah State) vs Miners (UTEP) Ah, a true battle between two groups of working-class, blue collar American workforces that run this great country’s backbone with little to no glory. Now that I’m done praising these nicknames, let’s poke holes in them. In the Aggies you have a bunch of people who have a fetish… read more »

Stache’s Spreads: Gildan New Mexico Bowl

Utah State Aggies (-10) vs UTEP Miners (+10) New Mexico, the state that saw New England and said to themselves they want a piece of action and rather than calling themselves New Canada, because that would be stupid, instead rubbed their name in the faces of the country their land was taken from. Thank you… read more »

Nickname Battle: R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl

Wolfpack (Nevada) vs Ragin’ Cajuns (Louisiana-Lafayette) I’m just going to go ahead and make the assumption that “Ragin’ Cajuns” in this case represents the people of the great state of Louisiana. Having only watched the first handful of Cajun Pawn Stars episodes along with the entire season of Real World: New Orleans because at that… read more »

Stache’s Spreads: R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl

  Nevada Wolf Pack (-1) vs Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns (+1) The New Orleans Bowl is a very interesting one to kick off the bowl season with, as it starts at 11AM. As the expression goes, if a tree falls in the woods, does it truly makes a sound? Since there is no way for us… read more »

Nickname Wars: FXFL (Fall Experimental Football League)

  Football by far and away is the most popular sport currently in the United States. When I say football, I’m not talking about the wussy European kind. I’m talking about the ultra masculine kind that involves a bunch a dudes passing some skin around hoping to score…okay, that’s sounds a little bit off. With… read more »

Nickname Wars – Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL)

Long have sports teams fought it out trying to see whose is better by going up against each other in the flesh. With the recent advent of Twitter, those battles have now taken to the web by means of players calling each other out in public and sports teams social media accounts going at it… read more »

Stache’s Spreads: College Football Week 14 2014

So I’ll admit, we are a bit late to the college football season. It’s safe to say when the season started way back in September, we had no idea Spor Repor would be born just a few months later. So we can at least get two weeks of the regular season done before bowl season… read more »

Stache’s Spreads: NFL Thanksgiving Week 2014

  It’s Thanksgiving weekend so what better time to launch Spor Repor with our first Stache’s Spreads just thirteen weeks into a seventeen week NFL season (hey, at least it isn’t as bad as our college football timing). These picks are expertly chosen with a Mountain Dew in one hand and a Taco Bell chicken… read more »