A Battle For Civic

You’d think in a town that calls itself Track Town USA and is home to university that birthed Nike founder Phil Knight and the 2015 Rose Bowl champion would be an easy market to raise funds for one of the town’s most iconic stadiums. This however was not the case for Civic Stadium in Eugene,… read more »

A Friend For Civic

It will never remember your birthday, walk you down the aisle at your wedding, or give you a hug when you’re feeling down but that doesn’t stop Dennis Hebert and the Friends of Civic Stadium from treating the deteriorating Civic Stadium as a member of the family. “I lived about ten blocks from here and… read more »

Little Shop Of Cards

Early on a Saturday morning, you’ll find John Ferreira busy sorting through his collection much like many others on the weekend who have a hobby. Unlike most people though, Ferreira’s hobby is also his job now after retiring from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Ferreira’s hobby is also seeing a decline in popularity and making his… read more »

Copy And Paste High School

As a student, one of the first things I was ever taught was not to steal someone else’s work and call it my own. During a test, I shall not look over Sarah’s shoulder to see what she answered for No. 12. On a group project I shall never claim I did more than my… read more »

Let’s Be Civic About This

It’s made of rotting wood, broken plastic, overgrown grass and 75 years of history; and over the next few months, its future in the South Eugene neighborhood will be decided. The object I am referring to is Civic Stadium, a 6,800-seat stadium adjacent to South Eugene High School that has been a part of Eugene’s… read more »