Top 5 Examples of Fanservice in Sports

As I’ve delved deeper and deeper into the unique world of Japanese anime, more than a few things have caught my eye for good reason. Let’s just say I should’ve a synopsis of Rosario Vampire before I watched the first episode on Netflix. What I’m talking about here is fanservice. Fanservice has become more and… read more »

Spor Repor’s New Year Resolutions

Hello again Internet. I see that we have made it to 2016. I wasn’t around the past few days as I was taking part in the Lavis’s annual Y2K bunker tradition so I was locked in a hole for four days. Some say it’s a crazy tradition but I say, what family tradition isn’t crazy… read more »

Top 5 Biggest Non-Rivalries in College Sports

5. Manhattan Christian College – Kansas State & Northwest Christian University – University of Oregon   Are you a casual Kansas State or Oregon fan and have never heard of Manhattan Christian or Northwest Christian? It’s quite alright because both are rather small colleges. Why then, might you ask, they be considered rivals to such… read more »

Top 5 Teams That Just Don’t Give A Damn

1. Bakersfield Jam – The Bakersfield Jam don’t a give a damn that the average Bakersfield resident can’t see one of their many home games. Bakersfield is the NBDL affiliate of the Phoenix Suns and that calls for some luxurious game experiences. Too bad though that you’ll probably never experience them cause Bakersfield Jam don’t freaking offer… read more »

I Cannot Be The Greatest Sports Fan Ever

This past weekend, I  admitted to myself that I could not be the greatest sports fan ever. It was a thought that came out of left field but one that had been lingering over the past couple weeks and months. I’ve never pursued the goal of being the god of consuming sports content and enjoying… read more »

Fore Reasons Why Topps Kick Frustrates Me

Since I’m a Millennial, I’ll admit that I value my computer, my smartphone, and the Internet more so than my parents do. I grew up on these things. These are my babies, my first loves, my girlfriends on some lonely nights in high school when no asked me to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Good times…. read more »

Fore Things Spor Repor Wishes It Could Cover

Let’s face it, I’m not a robot. I can’t handle covering everything in the world of sports. This March Madness edition of Nickname Wars is making question my life choices. Don’t even get me started about school and how awful it is I can’t substitute anything I do on here for assignments even though THE… read more »

Buying Tips For 2015 Topps MLS Cards

On Wednesday, Topps released its third installment of their Major League Soccer card series after taking over the licensing agreement from Upper Deck who held the license from the league’s first card set in 1997 to 2012. In 2014, Topps released both the standard MLS set and the first ever MLS set under the company’s… read more »

Fore Things In My Apartment That Define Spor Repor

1) 2015 CFP National Championship Game Credential Look at that smug smile of mine. To be clear, I took that photo thinking there was no way I was going to get a credential to the first ever college football national championship game. Yet, by some miracle, I got one. I originally came to the University… read more »

A Future For Civic

Starting its fourth season in Major League Soccer, the Portland Timbers franchise has quickly become one of the most beloved in the league thanks in part to their fervent fans and the historic downtown stadium Providence Park. That popularity isn’t restricted to the Rose City however. Just one hundred and twelve miles south along Interstate-5,… read more »